Friday, March 10, 2017

Update March 10, 2017

West Project 

Mainline pipe installation will continue S Novato Blvd. on Monday, and continue for one or two more days. We are doing our best to keep traffic moving. Please be courteous and respect our flaggers and crew. They want you to get home safely just as quickly as they do!

The crew will be focused on the bike path re-opening and subsequent work will include main line installation onto Entrada Dr. 

Bike Path Closure Extended to 3/17/17

The S. Novato bike path closure will continue through Friday, March 17. While we apologize for any inconvenience, the shuttle service running from Entrada to S. Novato at Redwood Blvd. will continue. 

The hours of operation will be 6am to 8pm, and shuttles will continue to make round trips about every 20 minutes. 

East Project

Mainline installation will continue along Vintage Way. Some more hard rock was encountered this week which slowed progress, but we are hopeful to get out of it soon. Next up will be a shift to night work for the intersection of Vintage Way and Rowland Blvd.