Thursday, September 28, 2017

Activities for the End of September to Early October

Highway 101 Crossing 

The contractor is working on both the east and west of Highway 101. He will get the steel casing installed beneath the highway using a jack and bore trenchless method that utilizes a pilot tube for guidance. Once the protective casing is installed the recycled water main will be pushed into place and then tested.

No changes foreseen to their traffic control or staging areas at this time. The Project is scheduled to be complete in November of 2017. 

Remeber to slow for the cone zone!

Workers boring the pilot tube under Highway 101

Norman Tank Project

The structural improvements are nearing completion and the Contractor has moved into the protective coatings phase. This will involve removing the existing coating with blast media, then priming and painting.

You will notice some noise during their work, and we appreciate your patience while they work as quickly as possible to finish!

Current completion of the project is the end of December 2017.